Teams Make Up for Lost Time with Frenzied Trading on Day 2 of NBA Draft

Tyler Kolek (New York Knicks/NBA)

The NBA draft’s second day was a whirlwind of activity, with teams aggressively reshaping their rosters through a flurry of trades. In stark contrast to the slow pace of the first day, Thursday saw a frenzy of deals, as teams jostled to acquire talent, shed salaries, and stockpile draft picks for future asset management.

The New York Knicks were at the forefront of the chaos, pulling off a series of savvy trades to bolster their roster. They acquired the 26th and 51st total picks from Washington and Oklahoma City, respectively, and landed guard Tyler Kolek from Portland.

Tyler Kolek from Portland (New York Knicks/NBA)

In a separate move, they sent the draft rights to Dillon Jones to Oklahoma City in exchange for a haul of five second-round picks. Other teams joined the fray, with Portland and Golden State engaging in a compound trade involving the 52nd pick and guard Lindy Waters III.

The Miami Heat snatched up Pelle Larsson and cash from Atlanta, while the Charlotte Hornets landed Reggie Jackson and three future second-round picks from Denver. Indiana and San Antonio also made a deal, with the Pacers moving up to snag Johnny Furphy at No. 35.

As the dust settled, it was clear that teams had seized the opportunity to retool and rebuild. The draft may have been quiet on day one, but day two was a different story altogether – a testament to the league’s relentless pursuit of talent and competitiveness.