LA Clippers Honor Jerry West’s Memory with Symbolic War Room Seat

Jerry West (Los Angeles Clippers/NBA)

The Los Angeles Clippers navigated the two-day NBA draft with a mix of melancholy and nostalgia, as the absence of Jerry West, their beloved consultant and Hall of Fame icon, was deeply felt.

West’s seven-year tenure with the team was marked by his instrumental role in recruiting Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. His passing on June 12 at 86 left a void that was palpable in the war room.

Clippers Pay Homage to Jerry West (Los Angeles Clippers/NBA)

Lawrence Frank, the team’s president of basketball operations, poignantly captured West’s passion for the draft, likening it to Christmas.

West’s love for the draft was rooted in his enthusiasm for discovering new talent and taking pride in the players’ journeys. The team paid tribute to West by reserving a seat for him in the war room, adorned with some of his favorite items.

Though the Clippers didn’t have a first-round pick, they selected Cameron Christie with the 46th pick in the second round. Frank and general manager Trent Redden remembered West as an invaluable mentor, friend, and adviser.

The bittersweet nature of the day was not lost on Frank, who acknowledged the sadness of West’s absence. West’s legacy, however, continues to inspire the team, and his impact on the franchise will never be forgotten.