Former WWE Wrestler Booker T. Comments on Jacob Fatu Joining The Bloodline on SmackDown

Booker T confirms Jacob Fatu Is 'Definitely Gonna Make That Move' To WWE (WWE)

Booker T, a WWE Hall of Famer and founder of Reality of Wrestling (ROW), has finally broken his silence on Jacob Fatu’s shocking debut on SmackDown, joining The Bloodline faction. Fatu, a 32-year-old wrestling talent, has a history with Booker T’s ROW promotion, making his arrival in WWE a remarkable development.

On the June 21 episode of SmackDown, Solo Sikoa faced Cody Rhodes in the main event, but the match ended in disqualification due to interference from Tonga Loa and Tama Tonga.

Booker T and Jacob Fatu (WWE)

Despite Kevin Owens and Randy Orton coming to Rhodes’ aid, The Bloodline gained the upper hand with the debut of Jacob Fatu, who unleashed chaos on the babyfaces.

Booker T’s comments on Fatu’s arrival are highly anticipated, given his expertise and insight into the wrestling industry. As a seasoned veteran and mentor to many young wrestlers, including Fatu, Booker T’s thoughts on the matter could provide valuable perspective on the potential impact of Fatu’s addition to The Bloodline and what it means for the WWE landscape.

With Fatu’s impressive physique and formidable in-ring skills, his integration into The Bloodline is expected to shake things up in the WWE. As a dominant force in the company, The Bloodline’s newest member is likely to create new rivalries and intensify existing ones, leading to exciting matches and storylines.

Booker T’s comments will undoubtedly offer a unique perspective on this development, providing fans with a deeper understanding of the dynamics at play.