TNA Could Benefit from Ex-WWE Champion’s Name Recognition, Says Bill Apter

Bill Apter on ex-WWE Champion (TNA)

Renowned wrestling journalist Bill Apter believes that the recent appearances of former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy in TNA (Impact Wrestling) are a noteworthy boost for the promotion.

Hardy, who has also competed in AEW, made a triumphant return to TNA at Against All Odds, teaming up with his brother Matt to thrill fans. Apter, speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s The Wrestling Time Machine, emphasized the value of legendary names like The Hardy Boyz in drawing attention to a promotion.

Bill Apter on ex-WWE Champion Heff Hardy (TNA)

“TNA could use the name recognition,” Apter stated. “While they’re doing great, many of their talents lack widespread recognition. By bringing in The Hardys, you generate excitement and curiosity, encouraging fans to explore the rest of the roster.”

Apter’s point is well-taken, as the Hardy brothers’ legacy and popularity can undoubtedly attract new viewers and reinvigorate interest among longtime fans.

WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long concurred with Apter’s assessment, praising the Hardy brothers for their dedication and hard work. Long expressed admiration for their achievements and happiness for their success.

The appearance of iconic figures like The Hardy Boyz can seriously enhance TNA’s visibility and appeal, attracting new fans and rekindling interest among longtime enthusiasts.

As Apter noted, the recognition and prestige that come with legendary names like The Hardy Boyz can raise the entire promotion, making it a win-win for both the wrestlers and the fans.