Filming Twisters in Oklahoma’s Tornado Season: Director Teases Unmatched Cinematic Realism

Filming of "Twisters" Coincided with Oklahoma's Authentic Tornado Season (Amblin Entertainment)

In the annals of ‘90s cinema, few films evoke the visceral thrill of elemental forces like Twister. With its iconic tornado-chasing escapades, the original set a benchmark for blockbuster excitement.

Now, director Lee Isaac Chung, renowned for his poignant indie Minari, steps into the realm of high-octane spectacle with Twisters, a sequel decades in the making, promising to raise the storm-chasing genre to new heights.

Filming during Genuine Tornado Season (Amblin Entertainment(

Chung’s approach to Twisters is unabashedly hands-on, employing practical effects that push the boundaries of realism. “This is an elemental story, so I wanted us to go as practical as possible,” Chung explains. “We unleashed jet engines, colossal fans that could deafen without earplugs, and threw everything at our cast – dirt, wind, ice.”

Filmed despite Oklahoma’s tornado season, the production wrestled with nature’s unpredictability, adding an authentic edge. “It was challenging,” admits Chung. “The weather’s whims caused delays, but choosing tornado season was deliberate. It’s surreal we pulled it off.”

The result is set to be a cinematic tour de force, promising audiences a front-row seat to nature’s fury like never before. “We flew drones perilously close to real tornados,” Powell shares excitedly. “Viewers are in for an unparalleled experience.”

Twisters aims to deliver classic, big-screen thrills reminiscent of its predecessor while forging its own path. “We knocked this movie out of the park!” Powell exclaims. “We revisited what made the original resonate and crafted moments that are distinctly Twisters.”

Prepare to be swept away by a storm of epic proportions, as Twisters storms into theaters, promising a spectacle that’s as breathtaking as it is unforgettable.