Elle Fanning Joins Next Predator Movie Badlands as Lead Actress

New Predator Movie Casts Actress Elle Fanning (20th Century Studios)

The excitement earlier this year soared with the announcement that director Dan Trachtenberg, fresh off the triumph of his standalone Predator film Prey, would be expanding the extraterrestrial universe with more thrilling adventures.

Now, anticipation reaches new heights as the first of these projects, Badlands, appears to have secured its leading star. As per Deadline’s report, Elle Fanning is currently in negotiations to headline in the latest escapade featuring the Yautjans.

Elle Fanning to Star in New Movie (20th Century Studios)

Details on the plot of this newest addition to the Predator-verse remain under tight wraps, though it’s confirmed that Badlands will prominently feature one of the famed interstellar hunters (unfortunately, no Bruce Springsteen or Terrence Malick sightings here — sorry, folks!).

Co-written by Trachtenberg and his Prey collaborator Patrick Aison, Badlands ventures into the future, a departure from the 1719 setting of Prey, while plans for Prey 2 reportedly continue to develop.

Set to commence filming later this year, with Trachtenberg once again steering the ship, Badlands aims for a potential debut on screens next year. The excitement is palpable, bolstered by the critical acclaim and streaming success of Prey. Could Badlands replicate this success with a robust theatrical release? Time will tell.

In the meantime, catch Elle Fanning next in James Mangold’s highly anticipated Bob Dylan biopic A Complete Unknown. And for those craving more extraterrestrial encounters, Fede Álvarez’s facehugger extravaganza Alien Romulus looms ever closer. Could Badlands and Romulus share a universe? Dare we dream of a new Alien Vs. Predator showdown? The galaxy awaits with bated breath.