WWE Superstar Breaks Silence on Unsuccessful Gimmick Change After 465-Day Absence

Carmella, a WWE superstar (WWE)

Carmella, a WWE superstar who has been absent from television for 465 days, recently addressed her feelings about her short-lived “untouchable” gimmick.

Despite being a fan favorite and a pivotal figure in the women’s division, Carmella has faced personal struggles and tragedies, leading to her prolonged absence from the ring. Her last televised match was on March 6, 2023, against Bianca Belair on RAW.

Carmella has faced personal struggles and tragedies, leading to her prolonged absence (WWE)

When a fan expressed regret that Carmella didn’t like her “untouchable” character, she clarified that she didn’t dislike the gimmick, but rather didn’t want a new character at that time.

She explained that the character didn’t spread out as initially intended, and she felt she wasn’t doing it justice. Carmella revealed that she had pitched the entire character concept herself and was fully invested in it. She even hinted at sharing the original video pitch she made for the character, giving fans a hint of her creative process.

Carmella’s transparency and dedication to her craft are a testament to her passion for wrestling. She has been a driving force in the women’s division, known for her enchanting performances and ability to elicit a strong reaction from the audience.

Her achievements include winning the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match in 2017 and subsequently becoming the SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Despite her struggles, Carmella remains a beloved figure in the WWE universe, and fans eagerly await her return to the ring. Her willingness to engage with fans and share her creative process has only strengthened her connection with the audience.

As Carmella works towards her return, her dedication to her craft and her passion for wrestling remain unwavering, ensuring that her future endeavors will be met with enthusiasm and support from the WWE community.