4 Reasons Penta El Zero Miedo’s WWE Debut Would Be a Game-Changer

Penta El Zero Miedo (WWE)

Rumors surrounding Penta El Zero Miedo’s (Pentagón Jr.) future in professional wrestling have sparked serious interest, hinting at a potential shift to WWE or AEW.

Sources suggest that he expressed discontent over being unable to appear on AEW shows when CMLL talent was booked, a testament to the long-standing animosity between CMLL and AAA, his home promotion in Mexico.

Penta El Zero Miedo (WWE)

Meanwhile insiders reveal that WWE is keenly interested in acquiring his services if he becomes a free agent, a possibility looming with his contract expiring between August and September 2024.

WWE had previously pursued Penta before AEW’s inception, and now, with his contract nearing expiration, the timing may be ripe for him to join the Stamford-based promotion. Here are four compelling reasons why Penta El Zero Miedo should take his talents to WWE:

– Dream feuds: WWE offers a plethora of tantalizing matchups, including potential clashes with top stars like Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Drew McIntyre.

– New regime: With Triple H at the helm, WWE is ushering in a fresh era, providing an opportunity for Penta to be part of an exciting new chapter.

– Global exposure: WWE’s vast global reach would catapult Penta to unprecedented heights, introducing his unique style to a broader audience.

– Creative freedom: WWE’s willingness to showcase innovative storytelling and in-ring action aligns perfectly with Penta’s boundary-pushing approach, ensuring a fertile ground for artistic expression.