Cooper Hoffman and David Jonsson May Star in Stephen King’s The Long Walk

Stephen King Adaptation The Long Walk (AMC Plus Horror)

Francis Lawrence, the director behind The Hunger Games trilogy, is set to bring Stephen King’s dystopian novel, The Long Walk, to life on the big screen. Cooper Hoffman and David Jonsson are in talks to lead the film, which has been in development for years.

King’s novel, published in 1979 under his pseudonym Richard Bachman, takes place in a world where 100 teenage boys are forced to participate in the annual “Long Walk” competition.

The Long Walk (AMC Plus Horror)

The rules of the game are brutal: the boys must maintain a speed above 4 miles per hour, or face execution. The last one standing will be granted any reward they desire for the rest of their life. This premise, which combines elements of The Hunger Games and Squid Game, is well within Lawrence’s genre expertise.

Despite its potential, a feature adaptation of The Long Walk has taken years to materialize, with various filmmakers attached at different points. However, with Lawrence at the helm and Hoffman and Jonsson potentially leading the cast, the project may finally be coming to fruition.

Lawrence’s involvement and the potential attachment of two up-and-coming stars have generated excitement for the project. Cooper Hoffman, son of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, made his film debut in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Licorice Pizza, while David Jonsson broke out in the romantic comedy Rye Lane.

Their involvement could bring a fresh perspective to the project. With Lawrence’s experience in the genre and the potential talent on board, The Long Walk may finally be making its way to the big screen.