Neushul Sisters Make Waves: Another Family Member Joins US Women’s Water Polo Team for Paris Olympics

Ryann Neushul, the youngest of the Neushul sisters (Paris 2024)

Ryann Neushul, the youngest of the Neushul sisters, is making waves in the water polo world as she joins the US women’s team for the Paris Olympics.

Ryann’s journey to the top was shaped by her oldest sister, Kiley, who taught her the value of teamwork and anticipation in the sport. Kiley’s guidance helped Ryann develop her skills, which have earned her a spot on the US team.

Ryann Neushul (Paris 2024)

The Neushul sisters are part of a legacy of water polo excellence in Santa Barbara County, California, which has produced a string of Olympic gold medalists.

Ryann’s mother, Cathy, a former player and coach at UC Santa Barbara, played a remarkable role in developing the skills of her three daughters and other top Santa Barbara players. Cathy’s coaching emphasized fundamentals, which Ryann credits as the foundation of her success.

Ryann’s path to the Olympics wasn’t without challenges. She faced stiff competition from her sisters and other talented players in the Santa Barbara area.

However, her determination and resilience paid off, earning her a spot on the US team as a center defender. Despite being relatively small for her position (5-foot-7), Ryann’s quickness and tenacity have made her a formidable force in the pool.

US coach Adam Krikorian praises Ryann for her winning plays and tough-mindedness, which have made her an invaluable asset to the team.

Ryann’s Olympic debut marks a new chapter in the Neushul family’s water polo legacy, which continues to inspire and influence the sport in Santa Barbara and beyond. As Ryann takes to the pool in Paris, she carries the hopes of her family, her community, and her country, poised to make a splash on the world stage.