Boreham Motorworks Brings Back the Best: Restomod Ford RS200 and MK1 Escort

Boreham Motorworks, a renowned UK-based performance motorsport and racing division of DRVN Automotive Group, has secured a licensing agreement with Ford to create remastered and continuation models of the automaker’s most iconic road and race cars.

This exciting collaboration will breathe new life into Ford’s rich heritage, starting with the legendary RS200 and MK1 Escort. The RS200 re-imagination promises to be a showstopper, with a lightweight composite body, mid-engine layout, and four-wheel-drive system, likely incorporating liberal use of carbon fiber for a sleek and modern design.

Ford RS200 and Escort MK1 (Ford)

The MK1 Escort, on the other hand, will be recreated with meticulous attention to detail, boasting a “blueprint-accurate” and “period-sympathetic” design, complete with continuation VINs.

According to Boreham Motorworks, at least five more legendary Ford models will join the series, with build numbers kept extremely low to maintain exclusivity. While official specifications and pricing remain under wraps, prospective buyers can already submit applications.

The company’s commitment to authenticity and performance ensures that these remastered classics will not only honor their heritage but also deliver exceptional driving experiences.

Ford Performance Motorsports General Manager Will Ford praised the partnership, stating, “Boreham Motorworks and DRVN team have an exciting vision for bringing our iconic heritage nameplates to life for the modern era.”

The MK1 Escort’s uncovering is set for later this year, and enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the reveal. With Boreham Motorworks’ expertise and Ford’s rich legacy, this collaboration promises to create truly unique and coveted vehicles that will resonate with collectors and driving enthusiasts alike.