Stanley Cup Final: Bettors Go Wild as Game 7 Line Proves Too Close to Call

Stanley Cup Final (NHL)

The Edmonton Oilers are poised to etch their name in the annals of NHL history, requiring just one additional triumph to become the second team ever to overcome a daunting 3-0 deficit and claim the coveted Stanley Cup.

Meanwhile, the Florida Panthers, despite relinquishing their initial 3-0 advantage, still harbor hopes of securing their inaugural championship title. This extraordinary reversal of fortunes has spawned a frenzied betting frenzy, with the odds for Game 7 oscillating wildly, eventually settling on a razor-thin margin, with both teams pegged at -110 on the moneyline.

The Edmonton Oilers are poised to etch their name in the annals of NHL history (Edmonton Oilers/NHL)

The Oilers have garnered an overwhelming 69% of tickets, with bettors flocking to support their historic bid. However, the Panthers have attracted more substantial wagers, resulting in a remarkable 53% of the handle favoring Edmonton. This dichotomy has spawned a fascinating dynamic, with the betting public seemingly torn between the Oilers’ momentum and the Panthers’ home-ice advantage.

The total for Monday night’s showdown has been set at 5.5, with an overwhelming 75% of tickets backing the under. This trend is hardly surprising, given the historical propensity for Game 7s in the Stanley Cup Final to go under 5.5.

In fact, an astonishing 17 of the 18 Game 7s in the championship series have failed to surpass this total, while six of the past seven Game 7s in the Stanley Cup Playoffs have similarly gone under their respective totals.

Several high-stakes futures hang precariously in the balance, including a DraftKings bettor’s audacious six-leg parlay, which stands to yield a staggering $23,382 payout if the Oilers emerge victorious.

Two BetMGM bettors, Judson Dymond and Jeremy Malone, are also poised to reap a windfall of $584,000 if Edmonton claims the Cup, having already hit on two legs of their three-leg parlay.

Connor McDavid, the Oilers’ talismanic captain, has emerged as the prohibitive favorite to win the Conn Smythe Trophy, with odds of -5,000 at ESPN BET, effectively cementing his status as the most dominant player in the playoffs.