Manager Dave Roberts Concerned about Shohei Ohtani’s Participation in Home Run Derby

Manager Dave Roberts Los Angeles Dodgers/MLB)

Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts is exercising caution when it comes to Shohei Ohtani’s potential participation in the Home Run Derby.

While Ohtani’s involvement would undoubtedly add excitement to the event, Roberts is prioritizing the player’s health and well-being, particularly given his ongoing rehabilitation from Tommy John surgery.

Roberts’ concerns are rooted in the physical demands of the Home Run Derby, which requires participants to swing at a high intensity for an extended period.

Shohei Ohtani (Los Angeles Dodgers/MLB)

This, he believes, could pose a risk to Ohtani’s elbow, which is still in the process of healing. As a result, Roberts is hesitant to give his blessing for Ohtani’s participation, instead opting for a more cautious approach.

Ohtani, who has been limited to hitting this season, has expressed his desire to compete in the Derby, but acknowledges that he needs the approval of his medical team and the team.

Roberts plans to have an open and honest discussion with Ohtani about the potential risks and benefits, eventually leaving the decision in the player’s hands.

While Roberts understands the allure of the Home Run Derby, he is prioritizing Ohtani’s long-term health and the team’s general success.

Should Ohtani opt to participate, Roberts will support his decision, but he also wants to ensure that the player is not putting himself at risk. The final decision remains uncertain, with the Home Run Derby just around the corner on July 15.