Morgan Hudson Releases New Single and Music Video “Lonely Together” with Blues Artist Lonnie Britton

Morgan Hudson Opens Up About Her Latest Single/Music Video “Lonely Together”

Morgan Hudson, a versatile singer-songwriter and guitarist known for her work with the blues rock outfit MoCo (Morgan and Company), recently unveiled her latest single and music video, “Lonely Together,” featuring blues artist Lonnie Britton.

The song delves into the poignant theme of loneliness, exploring its various manifestations through a heartfelt duet between Hudson’s smooth vocals and Britton’s evocative baritone. Set against the backdrop of rural Carolina, the accompanying music video visually narrates the emotional journey depicted in the song.

Hudson’s musical journey is deeply rooted in the country blues tradition, which is evident in her solo projects, where she weaves personal experiences into her lyrical tapestry.

“Lonely Together” emerged from a period of significant personal change for Hudson, drawing inspiration from her own encounters with loneliness and the coping mechanisms people adopt in its wake. The song aims to evoke a range of emotions associated with love, heartbreak, and the solitude that follows.

Morgan Hudson
Morgan Hudson

In a recent interview with Guitar Girl Magazine, Hudson discussed her musical influences and the collaborative process behind “Lonely Together.” She highlighted her longstanding passion for music, nurtured from a young age by a family deeply immersed in musical traditions.

Her sound, influenced by artists like Jack White and classic country musicians, blends blues, rock, and folk elements, creating a style that resonates with raw emotional honesty.

Regarding her creative process, Hudson revealed that her songs often begin as poems crafted from intense personal experiences or persistent ideas. She described her approach to songwriting as a journey of translating emotions into melodies, a process that is both cathartic and deeply fulfilling.

Looking ahead, Hudson is enthusiastic about her upcoming projects, including a new album currently in the works at Nash Studios in Greenville, NC. She anticipates unexpected collaborations, performances at new festivals and venues, and continued growth as an artist driven by passion and authenticity.

Morgan Hudson’s musical career is a testament to the power of personal connection in music-making. Through “Lonely Together” and beyond, she continues to captivate audiences with her soulful storytelling and evocative musical style, leaving an indelible mark on the contemporary blues and singer-songwriter landscape.