Fantasy Football League: Barnwell’s Dream Cities for an NFL Expansion to 100 Teams

The NFL expansion (NFL)

The idea struck me like a lightning bolt during a casual conversation at ESPN’s Bristol offices. An editor remarked that if the NHL were founded today, Hartford, Connecticut wouldn’t be a viable location for a team. This sparked a long-held notion I’ve had – what if the NFL, like English soccer, embraced a more expansive and inclusive approach?

NFL Expansion to 100 Teams (NFL)

In England, a country roughly the size of Ohio, 92 professional soccer clubs thrive across five divisions. London alone boasts seven top-flight teams, with Liverpool hosting two powerhouse clubs with massive stadiums mere minutes apart. Even in the lower tiers, teams with smaller capacities still enjoy dedicated fan bases.

American sports have evolved differently. Minor league baseball has spread nationwide, but teams are affiliated and lack independence. Franchises are territorial, and leagues have become exclusive clubs, with the NFL being the prime example.

The NFL hasn’t welcomed a new team since the Houston Texans in 2002, leaving numerous football-passionate cities in the dark. What if the league embraced expansion, like English soccer? Imagine the excitement and growth potential.

It’s time to rethink the traditional model and consider a more inclusive approach, one that would bring professional football to more cities and fans, creating a more vibrant and diverse NFL landscape.