A Tragic Shark Attack While Surfing Results in the Death of “Pirates of the Caribbean” Actor Tamayo Perry

Actor Tamayo Perry (Walt Disney Pictures)

Tragedy struck on Sunday afternoon at Malaekahana Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii, when 49-year-old Tamayo Perry, a talented actor and lifeguard, succumbed to a fatal shark attack.

Emergency services received the distress call at approximately 13:00 local time and rushed to the scene, but unfortunately, Perry was pronounced dead upon arrival at the shore.

Tamayo Perry (Walt Disney Pictures)

Perry was a familiar face in the entertainment industry, having appeared in the fourth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, “On Stranger Tides,” alongside Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, and Geoffrey Rush. His acting credits also include roles in popular TV shows like “Lost” and “Hawaii Five-0,” as well as films like “Blue Crush” and “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.”

Born and raised on the east side of Oahu, Perry was an accomplished surfer with over a decade of professional experience. He was an instructor at the Oahu Surfing Experience and had faced some of the world’s most treacherous waves. In a poignant bio, he described himself as a “small-time island boy” who could “bang it out with the world’s best.”

Perry’s love for the ocean and his infectious personality made him a beloved figure in the surfing community and beyond. Acting Honolulu Ocean Safety Chief Kurt Lager remembered him as a “lifeguard loved by all,” while Mayor Rick Blangiardi praised Perry as a “legendary waterman” and a “great member of our ocean safety team.” As the community mourns the loss of this talented individual, his family and friends are in the thoughts and prayers of all.