Lukas Gage’s Bloodied ‘Smile 2’ Preview Includes Disturbing Grin, Noted from ‘White Lotus’

_Lukas Gage of The White Lotus (Temple Hill Entertainment)

Prepare yourself for a chilling ride with Lukas Gage in the newly revealed trailer for Smile 2, the anticipated horror sequel that promises to delve deeper into the haunting legacy of its cursed entity.

In this latest installment, pop sensation Skye Riley (Naomi Scott) finds herself ensnared by the malevolent force from the first film after a electrifying concert performance.

‘Smile 2’ – Lukas Gage Joins the Cast (Temple Hill Entertainment)

The preview hints at the entity’s return as Gage’s character, visibly distressed, confronts a terrifying ordeal in a dimly lit corridor. His calm eventually gives way to a haunting transformation, marked by a grotesque smile, followed by disturbing self-inflicted actions.

The lore of Smile 2 suggests that the curse has now latched onto Skye, a dire revelation that comes to light despite eerie scenes of paranoia and dread. The trailer teases moments of palpable terror, including Skye’s unnerving encounters in a crowded banquet hall where innocent smiles take on sinister implications.

As the tension escalates, the preview leaves viewers on edge with glimpses of escalating horror: a haunting smile-shaped blood trail left by a tragic accident and a disconcerting exchange with a child whose expression turns unsettlingly twisted.

Director Parker Finn, whose original Smile charmed audiences and critics alike with its gripping narrative and standout performances, returns to helm this bone-chilling sequel. Alongside Scott and Gage, Smile 2 features a stellar cast including Kyle Gallner, Raúl Castillo, and Rosemarie DeWitt.

With its release set for October 18, Smile 2 promises to deliver another round of spine-tingling scares that will leave audiences gripping their seats in suspense