Ex-WWE Titleholder Teases Long-Awaited Comeback to RAW to Settle Score with Chad Gable

WWE Monday Night Raw Star Chad Gable (WWE)

Chad Gable’s tumultuous relationship with his Alpha Academy teammates reached a boiling point on WWE RAW, paving the way for a potential showdown with a legendary figure.

Peter Rosenberg, a former 24/7 Champion and WWE analyst, has proposed a thrilling scenario: the return of Kurt Angle, a Hall of Famer and Olympic Gold Medalist, to confront the Olympian Gable.

WWE Star Chad Gable (WWE)

Angle, who last appeared on WWE TV in January 2023, has been retired from in-ring competition since 2019. However, Rosenberg envisions a tantalizing confrontation between the two, with Angle making a heroic return to save Otis, Akira Tozawa, and Maxxine from Gable’s wrath.

While Angle’s physical condition may not permit a full-fledged match, Rosenberg fantasy books a showdown at SummerSlam or WrestleMania, culminating in a symbolic slap from Angle to Gable.

Rosenberg’s proposal highlights the ongoing tension between Gable and his former teammates, with WWE seemingly eager to prolong the storyline. As the drama unroll, the possibility of Angle’s return adds a layer of excitement and unpredictability.

The Olympic Gold Medalist’s involvement would not only lift the narrative but also provide a fitting tribute to his legendary career. With Angle’s iconic status and Gable’s rising notoriety, this potential confrontation has all the makings of a classic WWE moment.