CM Punk Brutally Assaulted by Drew Mcintyre on Wwe Smackdown, Forcing Him to Leave the Arena

Drew McIntyre WWE appearance (WWE)

CM Punk’s highly anticipated return to WWE SmackDown at the Allstate Arena in Chicago took a dark and unexpected turn. Despite being the victim of a vicious assault by Drew McIntyre, Punk remarkably walked out of the arena under his own power, defying expectations.

Earlier this month, Punk made a surprise comeback at Clash at the Castle in Scotland, hinting at a speedy recovery from his injury. However, he stunned the crowd by sabotaging Drew McIntyre’s monumental opportunity, setting the stage for their intense rivalry.

CM Punk’s highly anticipated return to WWE (WWE)

On a recent SmackDown episode, Punk reunited with Paul Heyman, intending to address his injury status. But The Bloodline ambushed him in his hometown, cutting short his plans and escalating the tension.

In a shocking turn of events, Drew McIntyre brutally attacked CM Punk, carrying him out to the stage and presenting him to the Chicago crowd like a conquered foe. The segment ended with Punk being stretchered away in an ambulance, leaving fans concerned for his well-being.

However, a video surfaced on X (formerly Twitter) courtesy of WrestlingBizwithAndiz, revealing a different narrative. The footage showed Punk walking out of the arena unaided, contradicting the initial storyline and sparking questions about the authenticity of the attack.

This dramatic turn of events has left fans wondering what’s next for CM Punk and his tumultuous relationship with Drew McIntyre. Will their rivalry continue to escalate, or was this a clever ploy to write Punk off television? Only time will tell.