Netherlands Manager Disputes VAR Decision on Disallowed Goal at Euro 2024

Netherlands coach feels VAR got it wrong (Netherlands /Euro 2024)

Netherlands coach Ronald Koeman was livid after a controversial VAR decision denied his team a goal in their Euro 2024 match against France. The game ended in a goalless draw, but the disputed call sparked intense debate.

Xavi Simons’ rebound effort was disallowed due to Denzel Dumfries’ offside position, which allegedly obstructed France goalkeeper Mike Maignan’s attempt to save the shot.

Netherland’s coach (Netherlands/Euro 2024)

Koeman vehemently disagreed with the call, insisting that Dumfries did not impede Maignan’s movement. “It’s a legal goal in my opinion,” Koeman said. “The VAR check took an excessive five minutes, and I fail to understand why it was deemed necessary.” Koeman’s frustration highlighted the ongoing challenges with VAR implementation in high-stakes matches.

France coach Didier Deschamps concurred with Koeman on the lengthy VAR review but believed Dumfries’ positioning was a clear obstruction. “It was a straightforward decision,” Deschamps said. The draw marked the first goalless game at Euro 2024, with both teams struggling to find the back of the net.

The disputed call underscored the need for more precise and efficient decision-making in the sport. Koeman’s objections sparked a wider conversation about VAR’s role in the game, with many arguing that the technology is still flawed and prone to errors.

As the tournament progresses, teams and coaches will be watching closely to see how VAR is implemented, hoping to avoid similar controversies.