Loud Fleet Week Jets Cause Brief Interruptions During Orioles vs. Phillies Game in Baltimore

Fleet Week jets in Baltimore (Baltimore Orioles)

Camden Yards was electrified on Sunday as Baltimore’s Fleet Week air shows took to the skies, providing a unique backdrop to the Orioles-Phillies game. The roar of military and civilian aircraft filled the air, causing brief pauses in play as players momentarily stopped to take in the spectacle.

Baltimore outfielder Colton Cowser was thrilled by the experience, saying, “I thought it was really cool. I think both fan bases kind of came together.” The sellout crowds, comprising fans from both Philadelphia and Baltimore, chanted “USA!” during the flyovers, creating a patriotic atmosphere that added to the excitement of the game.

Jets in Baltimore (Baltimore Orioles)

Despite the distractions, the Orioles went on to win 8-3, capping off a series played in front of three straight sellout crowds. The unique combination of baseball and aerial acrobatics made for an unforgettable experience at Camden Yards. Cowser joked about hoping to hit a home run during a flyover, saying, “I’ve never felt more American during a baseball game.”

The Fleet Week schedule featured a range of planes, from quiet formations to deafening jets. While the noise was substantial at times, it didn’t dampen the spirits of the players or fans.

Instead, it added to the excitement of the game, creating a memorable experience that will be talked about for years to come. As Cowser said, “It was a really cool experience, and I’m glad we could be a part of it.”