Russell Wilson Leads Steelers QB Battle but Faces Challenge from Improving Justin Fields

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson Leads Steelers QB Battle but Faces Challenge from Improving Justin Fields (NFL)

The competition for the starting quarterback position with the Pittsburgh Steelers has become a focal point this offseason, with Russell Wilson emerging as the frontrunner following productive minicamp sessions. At 35 years old, Wilson has shown renewed vigor and appears poised to lead the team. However, backup Justin Fields is determined to challenge Wilson closely during the upcoming training camp and preseason.

Fields faces significant hurdles in his quest for the starting role, particularly concerning his accuracy. Steelers insider Ray Fittipaldo noted inconsistencies in Fields’ throwing during team activities and minicamp, highlighting accuracy and ball placement as areas needing improvement.

Despite Fields’ exceptional athleticism, his reputation as a pocket passer remains under scrutiny, with a career completion percentage of 60.3% compared unfavorably to Wilson’s 64.7%.

Justin Fields
Russell Wilson Leads Steelers QB Race Amid Justin Fields’ Challenge (NFL)

Nevertheless, Fields has demonstrated gradual improvement in his accuracy over his career, albeit modestly. Starting with a completion percentage of 58.9% in his rookie year, he progressed to 60.4% in his second season and reached 61.4% in his most recent campaign. These incremental gains suggest potential for growth, albeit with room for further development.

Fittipaldo’s observations hint at a potential dual role for Fields in the Steelers’ offense, leveraging his exceptional athleticism, which includes rushing for over 1,000 yards and eight touchdowns in 2022. Such versatility could see Fields utilized in specific packages or situations throughout the season, complementing Wilson’s more traditional quarterbacking style.

As the Steelers gear up for the upcoming season, Wilson’s impressive showing in offseason practices has positioned him as the probable starter at the outset. Nonetheless, the pivotal moment will arrive during training camp, where Fields will once again have the chance to compete for the starting quarterback position.

If he cannot make substantial improvements in his accuracy and overall quarterback abilities, securing the starting role for the Pittsburgh Steelers will likely prove to be a formidable challenge for Fields.