Knicks Eye Long-Term Commitment to OG Anunoby Amidst Competitive Free Agency Interest

OG Anunoby
OG Anunoby (NBA)

The New York Knicks didn’t acquire OG Anunoby as a short-term rental, intending instead to keep him as a long-term part of their roster. According to Michael Scotto of HoopsHype, the Knicks are expected to re-sign Anunoby despite interest from other teams, such as the Philadelphia 76ers and Oklahoma City Thunder.

While it’s widely expected that Anunoby will stay with the Knicks, the financial specifics are uncertain, with his salary potentially ranging from $35 million annually to a maximum contract.

Anunoby presents a unique case in free agency. Although he has spent seven years in the NBA without making an All-Star or All-NBA team, he is recognized as one of the league’s top 3-and-D role players.

His average of 14.7 points per game is not typically associated with $35 million contracts, especially for players who aren’t elite rebounders, ball handlers, or frequent Defensive Player of the Year contenders. However, Anunoby’s high-end perimeter defense and fit in various team systems significantly enhance his value.

When the Knicks acquired Anunoby from the Toronto Raptors in December, they knew they would need to offer a substantial contract, potentially above his perceived market value.

OG Anunoby
OG Anunoby (NBA)

This need has become even more pressing, with the 76ers and Thunder possibly willing to make lucrative offers if their attempts to sign Paul George fail. Although George is expected to re-sign with the Los Angeles Clippers, the lack of a finalized contract leaves the situation uncertain.

The Knicks are now under pressure to secure Anunoby quickly to avoid losing him to other teams, particularly the 76ers. If they delay, they risk other teams making aggressive offers. Anunoby’s potential contract is a significant consideration, balancing his on-court contributions against the financial commitment required to secure his talents.

The Knicks acquired OG Anunoby with long-term plans in mind and are focused on re-signing him despite competitive interest from other teams. Anunoby’s value is enhanced by his defensive skills and versatility, making him a highly sought-after player even without standout offensive stats.

The Knicks must act swiftly to re-sign him, especially with the possibility of high offers from the 76ers and Thunder, to maintain their strengthened roster.