Disco Inferno Claims that a Prominent AEW Wrestler Missed an Opportunity by Not Defecting to WWE

Renowned wrestling veteran Disco Inferno (WWE)

Renowned wrestling veteran Disco Inferno has sparked a heated debate by suggesting that former AEW World Champion MJF’s decision to re-sign with Tony Khan’s promotion may have been a misguided move.

Despite widespread speculation that MJF would defect to WWE, he returned to AEW TV last month, reportedly signing a new contract. Disco Inferno, a seasoned wrestler and pundit, shared his thoughts on the Keepin’ It 100 podcast, asserting that MJF would have thrived in WWE’s ecosystem.

MJF and Disco Inferno (AEW)

Disco Inferno believes that MJF’s creative potential would have been unlocked in WWE, leading to more attracting performances, increased mainstream recognition, and lucrative acting opportunities.

The former WCW star’s comments have ignited a fervent discussion among wrestling enthusiasts, with some agreeing that WWE’s vast resources and global reach would have elevated MJF’s career, while others argue that staying with AEW allows him to maintain creative control and a loyal fan base.

As the debate rages on, it is clear that MJF’s decision will have a profound impact on his future in professional wrestling. Will he continue to shine in AEW, or will he come to regret not making the leap to WWE? Only time will tell. One thing is certain, however – Disco Inferno’s comments have added fuel to the fire, and the wrestling world will be watching MJF’s next move with bated breath.