Ex-Bullet Club Member Sends Cryptic “Fun” Message Ahead of Highly Anticipated Bout Against Bloodline’s Solo Sikoa

The Bloodline (WWE WrestleMania XL)

Karl Anderson, a former Bullet Club member and current WWE Superstar, took to social media to reminisce about his victory over Tama Tonga at Dominion 2022.

Anderson, now a member of The O.C. (The Original Club), defeated Tonga to win the Never Openweight Championship in NJPW. His simple yet bold statement, “#Legend,” speaks volumes about his confidence and pride in his achievement.

Bullet Club Leaders (WWE)

Anderson’s tweet comes at an interesting time, as he’s currently involved in a storyline with AJ Styles and Cody Rhodes on SmackDown.

Meanwhile, Tonga has joined The Bloodline in WWE, replacing Jimmy Uso and becoming the new Right Hand Man. The dynamics between these former Bullet Club members have sparked debate among fans and critics alike.

Matt Camp, a former WWE personality, has been vocal about his disapproval of The Bloodline’s booking, likening it to the nWo B-Team.

He believes the group’s storyline is poorly executed and lacks the credibility and charisma that Roman Reigns and The Rock brought to the table.

Camp’s criticism highlights the challenges that WWE faces in recreating the magic of iconic factions like the Bullet Club and the nWo.

As the WWE Universe continues to watch the unfoldment of The Bloodline’s storyline, many are left wondering if the group can regain its former glory.

With Anderson’s bold statement and Camp’s scathing criticism, the pressure is on for The Bloodline to deliver. Can they prove themselves as a force to be reckoned with, or will they continue to falter? Only time will tell.