Cody Rhodes’ Decision to Bring His Mother to Scotland for the WWE Clash at the Castle Event Could Be a Costly Mistake

Cody Rhodes bringing his mother to Scotland (WWE)

Cody Rhodes’ choice to bring his mother, Michelle Rubio, to Scotland for his high-stakes match against AJ Styles at Clash at the Castle may finally prove to be a strategic blunder.

By involving his loved one in this intense rivalry, Rhodes risks exposing her to harm and compromising his own focus in the process.

Cody Rhodes (WWE)

AJ Styles, a master of psychological manipulation, may seize this opportunity to gain a sinister advantage.

He could potentially kidnap or threaten Mama Rhodes, forcing Cody to confront an unbearable dilemma: surrender the title or sacrifice his mother’s safety. This cruel ultimatum would test Rhodes’ resolve and resilience like never before.

With his mother’s presence at ringside, Rhodes’ attention will be divided, and his usually unwavering dedication to the championship may waver. Styles, aware of this vulnerability, may exploit it to devastating effect.

The American Nightmare must prepare for the worst-case scenario, as The Phenomenal One will stop at nothing to claim victory.

In this precarious situation, Rhodes faces an impossible choice: defend his title or protect his mother. Either way, the consequences will be severe, and the outcome far from certain.

By involving his loved one, Rhodes has unwittingly created a weakness that Styles will ruthlessly exploit. The stage is set for a heart-wrenching confrontation that will push Rhodes to his limits.