Travis Kelce Plans to Keep Playing Beyond 2024, Balances Football with Future Interests

Travis Kelce
Travis Kelce (NFL)

Travis Kelce, who will be 35 in October, knows his football career is winding down but doesn’t plan for 2024 to be his last season. Despite his age, he still loves the game and enjoys coming to work every day. He wants to keep playing as long as he can, and his excitement shows during the Kansas City Chiefs’ minicamp practice.

Kelce remains dedicated to football but also recognizes the importance of preparing for life after his NFL career. This offseason, he explored opportunities outside of football, including his first major acting role in the FX horror drama “Grotesquerie.”

While he uses the offseason to recharge, he also views it as a chance to explore other career fields and interests, ensuring a smooth transition when his football career eventually concludes.

Travis Kelce
Travis Kelce, almost 35, not ending football career in 2024. (NFL)

Despite his extracurricular activities, Kelce reassures that football remains his primary focus. He is ready to handle the physical demands of the season and welcomes the heavy workload, showcasing his commitment to the Chiefs. Kelce’s passion for the game and willingness to bear the wear and tear demonstrate his dedication and readiness to perform at a high level.

However, the Chiefs have made moves that suggest a possible reduction in Kelce’s workload. They added veteran tight end Irv Smith Jr. and draft pick Jared Wiley, along with Noah Gray, who was the team’s fourth-leading receiver last season. These additions hint that coach Andy Reid might be planning to manage Kelce’s playing time more carefully, likely to preserve his longevity and effectiveness on the field.

Kelce is comfortable with the idea of sharing the load, acknowledging the talent in the tight end room and the importance of team success. He trusts that Coach Reid will utilize him appropriately and has confidence in the other tight ends’ abilities. Kelce’s team-oriented mindset and readiness to adapt to a potentially reduced role highlight his maturity and leadership within the team.