Sha’Carri Richardson, Jordan Chiles, and Kristie Mewis Aim to Inspire Women in Sports Ahead of 2024 Olympics

Sha’Carri Richardson focuses on nutrition and discipline for Olympic success whereas, Jordan Chiles embraces her second chance at the 2024 Olympics.

Sha’Carri Richardson, Jordan Chiles, and Kristie Mewis are not only gearing up for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris but also striving to inspire women in sports through Danone’s “Nourish Your Hustle” campaign. Partnering with brands like Oikos, Activia, and Too Good & Co., these athletes highlight women’s strength and power.

Jordan Chiles, 22, appreciates working with strong-minded women, emphasizing the importance of their voices in sports. Kristie Mewis, 33, finds collaborating with women from different sports empowering, making her feel at home. Sha’Carri Richardson, 24, aligns with Danone’s path of change and prosperity, aiming to show women’s significant presence in sports.

Each athlete shared their preparation strategies:

Sha’Carri Richardson, known for her discipline, integrates Oikos yogurt drinks for quick, nutritious benefits. She is focused on bettering her past performances, embodying her mantra, “I’m not back, I’m better.”

Empowering women in sports: Richardson, Chiles, and Mewis unite.

Jordan Chiles was initially not planning to compete in Paris post-Tokyo, but Chiles decided to give it another shot. She maintains a relaxed training approach, incorporating Too Good & Co. smoothies for essential nutrients.

Kristie Mewis is adjusting her diet to prioritize gut health, Mewis uses Activia for probiotics. Despite the demands of her sport, she finds the yogurt drink convenient for maintaining health and performance.

These athletes aim to inspire others beyond personal achievements. Starting July 26, the Paris Olympics may mark repeat appearances for Chiles and Mewis and a debut for Richardson.

Their shared vision of empowering women in sports drives them as they prepare for the Games, setting an example for aspiring athletes worldwide.