BMW Cancels Development of M1-Inspired Hybrid Supercar


BMW’s i8 was a trailblazer, boasting a unique design and a performance-driven plug-in-hybrid powertrain. Unfortunately, its planned successor, the i16, never made it to production.

BMW’s Head of Design, Domagoj Dukec, recently revealed the i16’s design, which drew inspiration from the iconic M1. The i16 was a more production-ready version of the Vision M Next Concept, revealed in 2019. The concept featured a hybrid-assisted four-cylinder engine, producing 600 horsepower and reaching 62 mph in just 3.0 seconds.

M1-Inspired Hybrid Supercar (BMW)

The i16’s design borrowed elements from the M1, particularly at the rear, with louvers on the rear glass and debossed sections on the fenders, reminiscent of the classic sports car’s inlets.

The production i16 would have shared the i8’s carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic monocoque structure. However, the project was axed due to poor timing, as the pandemic’s business complications led BMW to halt development in 2020. The car’s high cost and low potential sales volume were also factors in its cancellation.

The i16 was slated to launch in 2022, just two years after the i8’s production ended. While we’ll never see the i16 on the roads, Dukec’s Instagram post offers a glance into what could have been.

The i16’s cancellation marks a missed opportunity for BMW to continue pushing the boundaries of performance and design. Nevertheless, the i8 remains an iconic model, and its legacy lives on in the hearts of BMW enthusiasts.