Sony’s Afeela Must Be More Than Just a Concept

Sony's amazing Afeela (Sony Honda Mobility)

Sony Honda Mobility’s Afeela has been a concept car for far too long. Despite its impressive specs and entertainment features, the vehicle still lacks substance and functionality.

At CES 2024, the company showcased the Afeela’s cinematic capabilities and partnership with Microsoft and Polyphony Digital, but failed to deliver concrete details on its driving capabilities and AI features.

The amazing Sony’s Afeela (Sony Honda Mobility)

The Afeela’s interior is sleek and futuristic, with a wide screen and rumbling driver’s seat. However, its ability to play PlayStation games is currently limited to remote play connection to a PS5 console.

The vehicle’s speed, range, and basic driving functions are still undecided, and its AI features, including Level 3 self-driving and personal assistant, are not yet finalized.

Sony Honda Mobility’s president and COO, Izumi Kawanishi, acknowledges that the AI is the biggest challenge and keeps him up at night.

The company’s goal is to create a vehicle that contributes to the evolution of mobility, but the Afeela is not there yet.

While its concept-y features and high-tech specs are impressive, the vehicle lacks substance and functionality.

We hope that the next time we get to experience the Afeela, it will be a hands-on driving experience with a fully functional vehicle that appeals to both gearheads and tech enthusiasts.