Ferrari’s 2024 Lineup: 3 Exciting New Models Coming Soon

Ferrari’s 2024 Lineup (Ferrari)

Ferrari enthusiasts have been treated to a double dose of excitement this week, with the announcement of Lewis Hamilton joining the Formula 1 team and a slew of revelations about the road car division.

The iconic Italian marque has reported a 3% increase in sales, with 13,663 vehicles sold in 2023, and a staggering backlog of orders that stretches until 2026. Despite this success, Ferrari is gearing up to launch three new models in 2024, including a highly anticipated hypercar, a replacement for the 812 Superfast, and a mystery third car.

Ferrari 2024 (Ferrari)

The hypercar, codenamed “F250,” has been spotted in spy shots, revealing a sleek design and a potential plug-in hybrid twin-turbo V6 engine, a departure from Ferrari’s traditional V12 powerplant.

With a limited production run of 828 units, this hypercar is sure to be a rare and coveted gem. The 812 Superfast replacement, meanwhile, is expected to feature a naturally aspirated V12 engine, perpetuating Ferrari’s commitment to emotional driving experiences.

The third car remains a mystery, but speculation suggests it could be a new Icona model, a Purosangue SUV derivative, or even a one-off creation. Ferrari’s first electric car, announced for 2025, will not be part of this trio.

As the company celebrates its record-breaking sales and prepares for an electric future, CEO Benedetto Vigna has announced a bonus of approximately $14,700 for employees, recognizing their hard work and dedication.

With three new models on the horizon and a promising outlook, Ferrari continues to solidify its position as a leader in the world of exotic cars.