Jim Sheridan Enlists ‘Two Icons of Irish Cinema’ for Film on Sophie Toscan Du Plantier Murder

Jim Sheridan Enlists 'Two Icons of Irish Cinema (IMDb)

Acclaimed Irish actors Colm Meaney and Aidan Gillen have been cast in director Jim Sheridan’s upcoming film “Re-creation,” which delves into the infamous murder of French producer Sophie Toscan du Plantier.

The movie, titled “Re-creation,” focuses on the tragic murder of Toscan du Plantier, who was found bludgeoned to death near her holiday home in west Cork in 1996.

Despite investigations, no one has been charged with her murder in Ireland. Former journalist Ian Bailey, who was twice arrested, was previously found guilty by a French court. However, Bailey, who passed away earlier this year, maintained his innocence.

“Re-creation” aims to challenge the events surrounding the murder by presenting a fictional jury debating the case’s real-life facts. Inspired by the iconic American drama “12 Angry Men,” the film will explore the truth of what happened nearly 30 years ago.

Jim Sheridan on Sophie Toscan Du Plantier Murder (IMDb)

Joining the cast alongside Meaney and Gillen is Luxembourgish-German actress Vicky Krieps. Director Jim Sheridan expressed delight in having these “icons of Irish cinema” on board, while co-writer and co-director David Merriman praised their talent and contribution to the project.

Described as a blend of documentary and drama, “Re-creation” will feature documentary segments filmed in Ireland and dramatic sequences shot on a soundstage in Luxembourg.

Sheridan, known for his Sky documentary series “Murder At The Cottage,” has long advocated for Bailey’s innocence, citing insufficient evidence to convict him. Bailey maintained his innocence until his death, claiming the murder was orchestrated by a hired hitman or secret lover and that his earlier confessions were made in jest.

Despite the absence of DNA evidence linking Bailey to the crime, the case remains shrouded in mystery, with only circumstantial evidence presented. “Re-creation” aims to shed new light on this perplexing case, challenging long-held assumptions and uncovering the truth behind Toscan du Plantier’s tragic demise.