The Jeep Wagoneer Excels in Safety Testing, Outperforming the Chevrolet Tahoe and Ford Expedition

Jeep Wagoneer Excels in Safety Testing (Jeep)

In a high-stakes collision course, the Jeep Wagoneer proved its mettle, clinching the coveted Top Safety Pick award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Meanwhile, the Chevrolet Tahoe and Ford Expedition faltered, exposing the drawbacks of their massive frames in absorbing impact.

According to IIHS President David Harkey, size may provide a false sense of security, as it also presents unique challenges in withstanding crash forces. The Wagoneer’s triumph serves as a testament to its exceptional safety features and design prowess.

Jeep Wagoneer (Jeep)

The Wagoneer shone in both driver and passenger-side small overlap front crash tests, its airbags and seatbelts performing flawlessly.

The Tahoe’s structure showed signs of deformation, while the Expedition’s collapsed, posing a high risk of injury to occupants. The Expedition’s poor performance was particularly concerning, given the IIHS’ stringent standards.

The moderate overlap frontal test revealed further weaknesses in the Tahoe and Expedition, particularly regarding rear-seat safety.

All three SUVs excelled in the side-impact test, but the Wagoneer stood out for its exceptional performance in headlight and pedestrian-avoidance evaluations. Its headlights earned top marks, while its pedestrian detection system avoided collisions in most test scenarios.

The IIHS’ findings serve as a wake-up call for parents seeking large SUVs for family transportation. While size may offer some security, it’s not a guarantee of safety.

The Wagoneer’s impressive performance sets a high standard for its peers, and its Top Safety Pick award is a testament to its superior design and engineering.