The 2025 BMW X3: Check Out the Controversial New Look

BMW X3 Spied Showcasing New Production Lights (BMW)

BMW’s design team has done it again, sparking intense debate with the revealing of the new X3. Following closely on the heels of the controversial 1-Series, the latest leak reveals a radical new look for the X3, with a grille design that’s drawing comparisons to everything from an irate beaver to a Swedish PC case.

The image, shared on Instagram and other channels, appears to be a promotional video screenshot showcasing the combustion-powered X3’s bold new face.

BMW X3 front and back view (BMW)

Inspired by the XM flagship, the X3’s grille features a distinctive pattern blending traditional vertical bars with diagonal elements, creating a pinstripe effect that’s generating remarkable  buzz.

While some liken it to a PC case, others see a suited banker. This design element first appeared on the new 1-Series, but its impact is more pronounced on the X3 due to the brighter color scheme.

The new X3 boasts a wider track and flush door handles, but its engine lineup remains largely unchanged, with 2.0-liter and 3.0-liter options available.

However, PHEV variants will offer increased range and choices, marking a return to the US market. Love it or hate it, BMW’s daring design direction is undeniable, pushing the boundaries of automotive style.

The X3’s bold new look is sure to be a talking point, and its arrival will be eagerly anticipated by fans and critics alike. With its grille pattern and squared-off nose, the X3 is set to make a statement on the roads.