Gregg Berhalter Under Investigation by US Soccer, Issues Statement on 1991 Domestic Violence

Gregg Berhalter on past domestic violence incident (ESPN)

US Soccer has initiated an investigation into Gregg Berhalter, the head coach of the men’s national team, following revelations about a past domestic violence incident involving him and his now-wife.

On Tuesday, Berhalter addressed the incident publicly, detailing the 1991 altercation during which he kicked his then-girlfriend, Rosalind, in an argument. This incident, he acknowledges, is a source of deep regret and shame, although Rosalind has since forgiven him.

US Soccer Investigating Gregg Berhalter (ESPN)

Berhalter’s statement, shared on Twitter and co-signed by Rosalind, highlights that someone contacted US Soccer during the 2022 Qatar World Cup, claiming to have damaging information about him.

In response, US Soccer promptly engaged an external firm to carry out an independent investigation. Both Berhalter and his wife have been cooperating fully with the inquiry.

US Soccer expressed its gratitude to the couple for their openness regarding the incident. The organization also noted that the investigation had revealed other potential cases of inappropriate behavior involving members of their staff by individuals outside the organization.

These findings have prompted US Soccer to broaden the scope of their investigation to include these additional allegations. In addition, US Soccer announced that it has begun a comprehensive “technical review” of the Men’s National Team Program as of last month.

Details about who will lead the team’s January camp will be disclosed soon. The future of Berhalter with the national team remains uncertain, given the ongoing investigation. He has held the coaching position since December 2018.

In concluding his statement, Berhalter acknowledged the difficulty of discussing such a personal and long-past event publicly but embraced the opportunity to illustrate how the experience has contributed to their growth over the past three decades. He emphasized their collective journey of learning and personal development since that incident 31 years ago.