A Dangerous Delivery: Ukrainian Twins’ Birth Looms in Besieged Kyiv

American twins (NPR)

Kateryna and Oleg, a Ukrainian couple, are preparing for the arrival of twin boys in Kyiv, despite the ongoing war with Russia. Despite the challenges, they remain determined to build a future for their family in a free Ukraine.

Kateryna, 34, is eight months pregnant and faces constant uncertainty, with air-raid sirens blaring daily and explosions a familiar sound. The couple’s lives are shaped by scheduled power cuts, and they worry about the next wave of Russian missiles.

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Kateryna works in logistics, helping to import containers into Ukraine, a contribution to the war effort. The couple has a small generator, but uses it sparingly due to fuel shortages.

They have stockpiled food and supplies, prepared for the worst. Despite the risks, Kateryna travels to central Kyiv twice a week to work in a co-working space with reliable internet.

The couple moved back to Kyiv from western Ukraine, drawn by their jobs, friends, and home. Kateryna feels involved in the effort to secure Ukraine’s future, having helped volunteer organizations and fundraised for the Ukrainian army. She wants her children to grow up in a free Ukraine, safe from Russian occupation.

Kateryna’s concern is giving birth between another wave of missile attacks. She prays for a safe delivery and a future for her children, free from fear and war. Despite the challenges, the couple remains hopeful, determined to build a life for their family in a free Ukraine.