Bills’ Dion Dawkins Remembers Moment He Felt Damar Hamlin’s Life Was Slipping Away: ‘It Was a Dire Situation’

Bills' Dion Dawkins and Damar Hamlin (Buffalo Bills)

Buffalo Bills offensive tackle Dion Dawkins has vividly recounted the chilling moment he realized Damar Hamlin’s life was in peril. As Hamlin lay motionless on the field, Dawkins sensed a grave seriousness in the medical team’s urgent responses, a stark contrast to the routine care for minor injuries.

The stadium, once electric with excitement, fell silent, struck by the severity of the situation. Dawkins, in his sixth season with the Bills, instinctively turned to prayer, seeking solace in a higher power. He acknowledged the fragility of life and the limits of human control, grateful for the medical staff’s swift intervention.

Bills’ Dion Dawkins (Buffalo Bills)

Hamlin remains hospitalized, sedated and critically ill after suffering a cardiac arrest. His uncle, Dorrian Glenn, shared that Hamlin is on a ventilator to alleviate lung strain, but his condition is trending positively.

Dawkins expressed gratitude that the game was postponed, recognizing the NFL’s compassion in treating players as human beings, not just athletes.

He poignantly highlighted the often-overlooked emotional toll on players and their families, emphasizing the need for care and understanding beyond the playing field.

As the football world rallies around Hamlin, Dawkins’ heartfelt account serves as a poignant reminder of the preciousness of life and the power of prayer in times of crisis.