Kamala Harris Boosts Team USA’s Spirits at Basketball Training Camp

Harris meets USA Olympic men (USA Team/NBA)

Vice President Kamala Harris visited Team USA’s basketball training camp at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on Tuesday, offering an energizing pep talk to the players just ahead of their exhibition game against Canada scheduled for Wednesday night.

Harris took the opportunity to rally the team with encouraging words. “I just wanted to come by and remind you that our nation is cheering you on, we are so proud of you,” she told the athletes. “Beat Canada, and bring back that gold,” she urged, a sentiment captured in a widely-shared video of the visit.

Harris and USA Olympic men NBA Team (USA Team/NBA)

The upcoming Paris Olympics are set to commence on July 28, where Team USA will begin their quest for another gold medal with a match against Serbia. This will mark the beginning of their journey to build on their success from the Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympics, which were postponed due to the global pandemic.

During her visit, Harris had the chance to meet with known basketball figures, including Stephen Curry, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis. LeBron James reportedly expressed his pleasure at meeting the Vice President, calling the interaction a positive experience, as noted in the pool report.

A known Golden State Warriors supporter, Harris also engaged in a conversation with Steve Kerr, the Warriors’ coach and the head coach for Team USA. Their discussion highlighted her enthusiasm for both the team and Kerr’s leadership.

As Team USA prepares for the Paris Games, they will participate in several exhibition matches against teams from countries like Australia and Germany. These games are essential for refining their strategies and building team cohesion before the official start of the Olympics.