The Wait is Over: Ferrari’s First EV Makes Its Debut

Ferrari's First EV (Ferrari)

Ferrari is on the cusp of a revolutionary milestone, as the luxury carmaker prepares to reveal its inaugural electric vehicle in late 2025. Following a strategic decision to accelerate the launch timeline, the highly anticipated EV has been spotted undergoing testing in Maranello.

The prototype, cloaked in a modified Maserati Levante body and sporting Ferrari Roma headlights, boasts yellow high-voltage stickers, confirming its electric powertrain. While the test mule’s unusual disguise has piqued curiosity, the fake quad exhaust tips have raised a few eyebrows.

Ferrari’s First EV (Ferrari)

However, this design placeholder is likely a temporary fixture, as Ferrari has promised an “authentic” sound for its EV. Details regarding the vehicle’s audio signature remain scarce, fueling speculation among enthusiasts.

Rumors suggest that the electric Ferrari will come with a hefty price tag, exceeding $500,000. Despite this, the vehicle is expected to account for a 5% of total sales in 2026.

As Ferrari passes the electric era, the company remains committed to producing V-12 cars until regulatory pressures dictate otherwise. By 2030, pure ICE cars are projected to represent merely 20% of sales, with plug-in hybrids and EVs claiming 40% each.

The impending arrival of Ferrari’s first EV marks a remarkable turning point for the iconic brand. With a second electric car reportedly in the works, the Italian luxury carmaker is poised to redefine its legacy in the face of an evolving automotive landscape.

As the industry shifts towards electrification, Ferrari’s bold foray into the EV market is a testament to its unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence.