Mika and The Witch’s Mountain: Early Access Launches August 21st

Mika and The Witch's Mountain
Mika and The Witch's Mountain

“Mika and The Witch’s Mountain” draws inspiration from Studio Ghibli’s “Kiki’s Delivery Service” but carves its own path as a mini open-world video game developed by Chibig and Nukefist. Scheduled for early access release on August 21st for Steam and Nintendo Switch, the game centers on Mika, a witch navigating a whimsical island.

Players deliver packages by broomstick, reminiscent of Kiki’s airborne deliveries while exploring the titular mountain and completing tasks reminiscent of Pilotwings’ aerial challenges.

The early access version features the game’s full main story with 36 deliveries and 18 sidequests, offering approximately five hours of gameplay alongside interaction with 18 main characters.

Players can customize Mika with various outfits and adorn her broom with charms and trails, enhancing both aesthetics and gameplay. Although the broom isn’t weaponized, it can be upgraded to conquer challenges on the mountain’s summit.

Mika and The Witch's Mountain
Mika and The Witch’s Mountain

Perfect deliveries promise “unimaginable treasures,” adding a competitive edge to the gameplay that contrasts with the game’s laid-back atmosphere. Future updates include pet interactions, flying-based fishing, and a whimsical Churro Express minigame, expanding the island’s charm and providing additional dungeons and sidequests to explore the mountain’s hidden depths.

Influenced by games like “Brew Barons,” which emphasizes unconventional methods for everyday tasks, “Mika and The Witch’s Mountain” blends magical exploration with casual gameplay, promising an enchanting journey through a serene island setting reminiscent of nostalgic adventures like “Super Mario Sunshine.”