Jordan Love’s Strategy to Improve Against Defenses in His Second Season

Love and his coaches (Green Bay)

Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love is proactively preparing for the upcoming season, knowing that defenses will have a better understanding of his strengths and weaknesses based on last year’s game footage. Love and his coaches are focused on elevating his game in Year 2, anticipating that teams will try to counter his successful plays from last season.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love (Green Bay/NFL)

Love has been working on fundamental skills like footwork, pocket presence, and throwing accuracy, as well as learning to adjust to defensive strategies.

Quarterbacks coach Tom Clements, who has worked with Love, Aaron Rodgers, and Brett Favre, is helping Love develop the skills to combat defensive tactics. Head coach Matt LaFleur has also introduced 7-on-7 drills to practices, emphasizing perfect footwork and progressions.

The Packers’ offensive brain trust is anticipating potential defensive strategies, including increased pressure and disguises. Love is focused on improving his pocket awareness, throwing on the run, and escapability. He has shown growth in these areas, and his coaches are confident in his ability to adapt and succeed in Year 2.

Clements notes that Love has progressed from mostly running with the ball when scrambling to now looking to throw downfield, resulting in big plays. Love acknowledges the importance of staying poised in the pocket, making smaller movements, and being comfortable with his feet. He is also working on throwing on the run and escaping the pocket to make off-schedule plays.

With the Packers’ coaching staff and Love’s dedication, he is ready to face the challenges of Year 2. Love’s growth and development will be crucial to the team’s success, and his ability to adapt to defensive strategies will be key to his success. As the season approaches, Love is prepared to take on the defenses and lead his team to victory.