Schnell, Tyler Make Waves with Double Olympic Qualifications

Schnell and Tyler (US Olympics)

Delaney Schnell and Carson Tyler made history at the U.S. diving trials on Sunday, each securing a spot in two events at the Paris Olympics. Schnell won the women’s 10-meter platform, while Tyler finished second in the 3-meter springboard, becoming the first American since 2000 to qualify in both individual events.

Tyler had already qualified in the 10-meter platform on Saturday, and Schnell had previously qualified in synchronized 10-meter with Jess Parratto. Andrew Capobianco won the 3-meter contest with 971.80 points, followed closely by Tyler at 945.75.

Carson Tyler (U.S. Olympics)

Schnell finished with 638.00 points in the platform competition, despite some misses and exhaustion. Daryn Wright was runner-up to Schnell with 596.35 points. Tyler’s achievement marks a historic milestone, making him the first American since Mark Ruiz in 2000 to qualify in both individual 3-meter and 10-meter events at the same Olympics.

“It feels amazing,” Tyler said, still in disbelief. “Hearing that is just crazy. It really doesn’t sound real.” Schnell and Tyler’s victories demonstrate their exceptional skill and dedication to the sport.

Their performances have set the stage for a thrilling competition in Paris, where they will join a talented team of American divers vying for gold and glory. With their impressive wins, Schnell and Tyler have proven themselves to be a force to be reckoned with in the field of diving. As they prepare to take on the best divers from around the globe, they are sure to make a splash in the diving community and beyond.