Expert: Honda’s New Accord Struggling, Potentially Worst Quarter Ahead

Honda's New Accord (Honda)

Let’s assume you’re in the market for a new car and want to maximize your savings, negotiating with a Honda dealer online might be your best bet, especially for a Honda Accord. According to TikTok creator and car enthusiast Sean Chandler (@sean.chandler), Accord sales have hit an all-time low, making it an ideal candidate for a good deal.

Chandler highlights that this year has been the worst in Honda’s history for Accord sales, with several factors contributing to the decline. The rise of crossover SUVs, which offer more trunk space and a rugged aesthetic, has seriously impacted sedan sales, including the Accord. This trend has been noted by Yahoo! Finance.

Honda Accord (Honda)

One of the main reasons the Accord is lagging behind its competitors, according to Chandler, is its value proposition. For instance, the Hybrid Toyota Camry, which is in the same class, is only $500 more expensive but offers outstanding gas savings. Conversely, upgrading to a hybrid version of the Accord requires an additional $5,000, a sum that could be spent on a Tesla Model 3.

Chandler also points out that the new Accord’s design hasn’t been well-received, and the Honda Civic is cannibalizing its sales. Despite the Accord offering more rear legroom (40.8 inches compared to the Civic’s 37.4 inches), it hasn’t been enough to attract buyers.

This sales slump means buyers might have leverage to negotiate a better price. According to Good Car Bad Car, Accord sales have dropped from 388,000 units in 2014 to 197,000 in 2023, nearly a 50% decrease.

Chandler emphasizes that the current downturn isn’t due to external factors like the 2021 chip shortage but rather the Accord’s inability to stand out. The removal of higher performance trims like the 2.0 Turbo and V6 has diminished its appeal, with many consumers opting for the Civic, which has seen a 40% sales increase while the Accord’s sales are down 30%.

Commenters on Chandler’s TikTok agreed, with some sharing that they went to dealerships to buy an Accord but ended up purchasing a Civic instead. Criticisms included the new Accord’s uninspiring design and Honda’s lack of innovation. The Daily Dot has reached out to Honda and Chandler for additional insights on these trends.