WWE’s Reunion U-Turn: Batista Reacts to the Sudden Change of Plans

Dave Bautista (WWE)

Batista, a WWE veteran, has never been one to hold back his thoughts on the current state of the company. Recently, he chimed in on MVP’s comments about The Hurt Business, a popular stable that dominated Monday Night RAW in the past.

The group, which consisted of MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Cedric Alexander, among others, was a fan favorite and produced several championship wins, elevating its members on the roster.

Batista, a WWE veteran (WWE)

MVP recently revealed that Triple H’s new regime had scrapped plans for a Hurt Business reunion, a move that Batista agrees with. The Animal believes that WWE missed out on a lucrative opportunity by not reuniting the stable, which had been hinted at earlier this year.

However, the plans never came to fruition, and the members were eventually split up across different brands following the WWE Draft.

Batista’s support for MVP’s claims suggests that there was indeed a genuine interest in reviving The Hurt Business, but WWE finally decided against it.

The Animal’s comments have sparked debate among fans, who are now wondering what could have been if the stable had been reunited. Despite the missed opportunity, The Hurt Business’s legacy lives on, and their impact on the WWE landscape is still felt today.