‘Ghostlight’: A Heartwarming Exploration of Art’s Therapeutic Embrace

Ghostlight - A stunning fable (IFC Films and Sapan Studio)

On June 14th, the poignant and powerful film “Ghostlight” will grace theaters, bringing Kelly O’Sullivan and Alex Thompson’s Sundance Film Festival standout to a wider audience. This moving tale of grief, struggle, and belonging shines bright, offering a refreshing respite from the struggles of bigger movies.

The title “Ghostlight” refers to a theatrical tradition where a single light remains lit on a darkened stage, warding off mischievous spirits or guiding friendly ghosts. While the film bears no supernatural elements, its protagonist is indeed haunted by unimaginable loss and crippling grief.

Ghostlight Art (IFC Films and Sapan Studio)

Chicago-based filmmakers O’Sullivan and Thompson, partners in both life and cinema, bring authenticity and depth to the story. Building on their success with “Saint Frances” (2019), they masterfully explore the complexities of sorrow and its impact on a family.

The film finds solace in the transformative power of theater, where individuals can find refuge in playing someone else. The script, while imperfect, feels naturalistic, and the performances are heartfelt and genuine.

The directors’ love for their characters and story is palpable, making “Ghostlight” a poignant and humorous experience.

The film’s intimate and careful storytelling is a testament to the filmmakers’ dedication, with O’Sullivan even directing scenes while pregnant and recovering from Covid. This level of commitment translates to a cinematic treasure that will resonate with audiences.

As the story reveals, the protagonist’s journey is both heartbreaking and uplifting, highlighting the resilience of the human spirit.

With its authentic portrayal of grief and the healing power of art, “Ghostlight” is a must-see for anyone who has experienced loss or struggled to find their place in the world. Don’t miss this beautiful tale of hope and redemption, shining bright in theaters near you.