Exclusive: Oscars May Introduce Stunt Category, Academy Reports Suggest

Oscar Possible stunt category (IMDb)

For decades, there’s been a growing chorus urging the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to acknowledge the artistry and bravery of stunt performers with an Oscars category.

Despite being integral to some of cinema’s most thrilling moments, stunt work has been conspicuously absent from Hollywood’s most esteemed awards ceremony. The recent release of The Fall Guy, a blockbuster highlighting stunt work, amplified calls for this long-overdue recognition.

Possible stunt category (IMDb)

At Cannes, Empire magazine sat down with Academy leaders who are actively modernizing the institution. Among their initiatives is exploring the possibility of a Stunts category.

Academy CEO Bill Kramer confirmed these discussions, saying, “We’re talking to members of the stunt community who are Academy members about the possibility of that.” He underscored the Academy’s receptiveness to change, citing the upcoming introduction of an award for Casting Directors as an example of their evolving approach.

Academy President Janet Yang described the institution as a dynamic entity that evolves alongside the industry and member feedback. She emphasized, “We listen to our members, and if there’s strong support and a clear path forward, we take action.” The Academy has historically adapted by expanding its branches and awards categories in response to industry developments.

While the prospect of a Stunts category at the Oscars is still in its infancy, there’s growing optimism that these initial conversations could pave the way for a breakthrough.

Movie enthusiasts and industry insiders alike eagerly await to see if these discussions will lead to the long-awaited recognition of stunt performers’ essential role in shaping cinematic magic.