Spielberg’s Upcoming Summer Blockbuster May Star Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt Cast as Lead in Steven Spielberg's Upcoming Film ( IMDb)

Steven Spielberg is set to make a grand return to summer blockbusters with a new “event movie” for Universal and Amblin in 2026. While details are still under wraps, Deadline reports that Emily Blunt is in talks to star in the film. Blunt is currently busy with A24’s “The Smashing Machine” alongside Dwayne Johnson.

Emily Blunt Takes Lead Role in Steven Spielberg’s Next Movie (IMDb)

The movie will be written by David Koepp, known for “Jurassic Park” and “War Of The Worlds,” and produced by Kristie Macosko Krieger, who worked on “The Fabelmans” and “West Side Story.”

The project is described as a “two-hander,” indicating Blunt would be one of the leads, but her role remains a mystery. Speculation is high that this could be a UFO movie, a genre Spielberg has excelled in before.

Blunt’s experience in sci-fi, with roles in “Edge Of Tomorrow” and “A Quiet Place,” makes her a fitting choice for a Spielberg film. Fans are wondering if this could be similar to Spielberg’s iconic “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind” or “E.T.”

Spielberg’s latest project is set to hit U.S. theaters on May 15, 2026. This news has generated excitement as it marks Spielberg’s return to the blockbuster scene, promising a thrilling summer release.