Leon Slater Believes Ricochet Would Be a Great Fit for Tna Wrestling

Ricochet Leon Slater (TNA Wrestling)

Leon Slater, a talented wrestler in TNA Wrestling, recently shared his thoughts on the possibility of Ricochet joining the promotion.

In an interview with Cultaholic Wrestling, Slater expressed his enthusiasm for the idea, stating that Ricochet would be a fantastic addition to the X Division. He praised Ricochet’s innovative style, which has inspired a new generation of wrestlers, including himself.

Ricochet (TNA Wrestling)

Slater emphasized that Ricochet’s presence in TNA would be a serious motivator for the X Division talent to up their game. He believes that Ricochet’s skills and experience would push the division to new heights, and he would be thrilled to have the opportunity to work with him.

Slater also shared a personal anecdote about meeting Matt Hardy, who returned to TNA at the Rebellion pay-per-view, and learning that Jeff Hardy, his all-time favorite wrestler, had seen and appreciated his Swanton 450 move.

Slater’s admiration for the Hardy brothers and Ricochet is evident in his comments. He believes that having top talent like Ricochet in TNA would raise the promotion and provide opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Slater’s passion for wrestling and his desire to see TNA succeed are clear, and his comments have generated excitement among fans about the potential for Ricochet to join the promotion.

With his skills and experience, Ricochet would undoubtedly be a valuable addition to the TNA roster, and Slater’s enthusiasm for the possibility is infectious.