An Off-road Bus that Can Accommodate 35 Passengers is Priced at $243,000

4WD Off-Road Bus (Torsus)

Torsus, a Czech company, has revealed the Praetorian TG3, a behemoth off-road bus that’s perfect for large families or groups.

This go-anywhere vehicle features a heavy-duty 4×4 setup with three differential locks, air suspension, and 19.5-inch disc brakes.

The 35-seat bus can climb 65% inclines, ford waters up to 2.2 feet deep, and has dedicated off-road and low-range modes.

Torsus Praetorian 4×4 (Torsus)

Powered by a 6.9-liter MAN diesel engine, the Praetorian TG3 produces 290 horsepower and 845 pound-feet of torque, sent to all four wheels via a 12-speed ZF transmission.

With 13.7 inches of ground clearance, meaty Michelin tires, and impressive approach, departure, and breakover angles, this bus is a force to be reckoned with off the beaten path.

The TG3 has undergone remarkable upgrades, including a new air suspension assembly at the front and a strengthened MAN chassis. It measures 28.5 feet long and 8.3 feet wide, with a maximum permissible weight of over 29,500 pounds.

Optional features include a 12-metric-ton winch and various seating configurations, including a 34+1 layout. Whether you’re an adventure-seeking family or a expedition team, the Praetorian TG3 has got you covered.

Priced at €225,831 (approximately $243,000), this off-road bus is a serious investment for serious adventures. But with its unparalleled capabilities and comfort, it’s an investment worth considering. So why settle for a mere off-road vehicle when you can have a behemoth like the Praetorian TG3?