Genesis G70 Discontinuation Officially Announced

Genesis G70 Discontinued (Genesis)

Hyundai’s luxury brand, Genesis, is reportedly discontinuing its entry-level sedan, the G70, due to poor sales and a shift in consumer preference towards larger vehicles.

Despite initial plans to develop a successor, known as the RN2, the project has been scrapped. The current G70, introduced in 2017, has seen a huge decline in sales, from 16,975 units in 2019 to just 3,727 units this year, a drop of 26.3%.

The decision to discontinue the G70 is part of a larger trend in the luxury automotive market, with brands like Mercedes and Audi also canceling their entry-level models, such as the A-Class and A3, in favor of SUVs.

Genesis G70 (Genesis)

Genesis is instead focusing on its larger models, including the GV90, GV80, GV70, and G80, which will all incorporate the next-generation EV platform, known as ‘eM’, from December 2025 to 2033.

The G70’s fate is a result of its compromised interior space and positioning, which makes it too small to compete with larger sedans like the G80. If it were to grow in size, it would risk cannibalizing sales from its bigger brother. Genesis is instead prioritizing its more popular models, which have seen big sales growth in recent years.

The discontinuation of the G70 marks a shift in Genesis’ strategy, as the brand focuses on its more successful models and electrifies its lineup. While the G70 was initially well-received, its sales decline and the changing market landscape have led to its demise.

As the luxury automotive market continues to evolve, brands like Genesis must adapt to changing consumer preferences and prioritize their most successful models.